Donald Trump's Argument Analysis

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“In Trump is making America Meaner,” a column by Nicholas Kristof, it is argued that Donald Trump is spreading hate speech and racism throughout America through his campaign. Kristof explores the ties with Trump and the spread of racism throughout America. The Forest Grove High School experienced an uproar of bullying during this year’s presidential election, mostly being racism. Trump followers in the school chant at their fellow students, mainly Latinos/Latinas, phrases such as” Trump! Trump! Trump!” and “Build a wall! Build a wall!” (Kristof). It is even mentioned that in another school “a fifth grader told a Muslim student ‘that he is supporting Donald Trump because he was going to kill all of the Muslims if he became president’” (Kristof). Kristof also mentions a study conducted in Georgetown University, linking Donald Trump’s racism to the reasons of murder and mosque attacks. Most of the evidence that Kristof uses appeals to emotion, most of the examples used in this argument involve children and the youth more than logical thought. Of course, the argument is logical and not bogus; however, using the American youth and saying things such as “Briana Larios, a 15-year-old Mexican-American honor roll student who hopes to go to Harvard” (Kristof) makes me think it appeals more to emotion then…show more content…
The several mentions with Donald Trump also have negative diction in the words used to describe him, such as “Trump’s venom” and “Trumps harsh rhetoric” (Kristof), showing the dislike of Trump in this piece and Trump overall being a negative
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