Donald Trump's Arguments Against Abortion

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Why have we doubted Donald Trump? We all think differently, and have different opinions. Donald has set a great goal in the U.S. He is trying to protect us, support, and comfort us. Give him a chance, or consider giving him a chance. The media indicates that Donald Trump is pro-life on abortion. Trump says that “ Me doing this can most likely help other go against abortion to.” Donald Trump is trying to stop immigration from all over the world. Some people that do cross the border can or are rapist. Donald wants to build a bigger and greater wall on the border of the U.S and Mexico. If Donald Trump goes through with it, then Mexico is going to have the TrumpLand wall and are going to have to pay. He wants to repeal Obamacare “and replace it with something that benefits everybody.” Donald Trump also wants to “Turn off that spigot” of sending money to China (in the form of debt payments) by taxing them until “they behave properly.” He wants to end President Obama’s executive actions among immigration. He wants to change when somebody is born in the U.S, it automatically makes them a American citizen. Trump wants to work hard and end the Islamic…show more content…
He stated himself as a Reform Party’s presidential nomination, but then left February 14, 2000. Trump went back the Republican party in 2009. In early 2011 trump rose up in the poles to the top but in May of 2011 he announced that he would not be running for candidate in the office. At the CPAC conference, Trump announced that he is “pro-life” and is “against gun control”. Trump has called for a leadership to deal with the (OPEC), which he has criticized for causing higher oil prices. If you don 't like Donald Trump, second guess yourself. He is a guy that can change the United States back to the way it was. Don’t vote for the ones that want abortion to happen. Help abortion come to a STOP. Vote For

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