Donald Trump's Arguments Against Political Correctness

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I try to stay relatively quiet about elections and my political beliefs because I don't want to be called a "bitch." But you know what? If a bitch is a woman with an informed opinion, strong values, and who stands up for both of them, then I am happy to be a bitch. The world needs more bitches, to encourage girls to voice their opinions. We're especially going to need more bitches for these next four years. I am so so deeply saddened by this election. Everyone knows the disparaging remarks Trump has made about minorities, women, and the disabled. I thought this alone would have prevented him from even receiving the Republican Nomination, but alas, I was wrong. People defend this kind of speech by saying he's just speaking up against political correctness. What about patriotic correctness? Why is it all the sudden "anti-american" to admit that our country can improve. Why can't I say that I'm saddened by the fact that African Americans…show more content…
But that is not the point. Half the country (actually a little less, because Clinton won the popular vote) can stand behind him. They believe what he's saying, his lies. (Saying immigrants brings crime, when immigrants commit crime at a lesser rate than natives and help the economy, that he's going to help the middle class when he's actually increasing the taxes for 7.8 million middle class households by removing certain exemptions while giving millionaires breaks, I could go on) It has shown a divide in our country. It's frightening. And the GOP can say all they want that they don't condone the comments Trump has made, but lets face it, their base does. And who gets a candidate elected? Their base. And they have to give their base what they want or they don't get elected. Trump is the monster the GOP made. When you endorse conspiracies like the birther movement, spread lies, and play into people's fears, you get

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