Donald Trump's Arguments Against The Abortion Debate

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The topic of abortion has long been a controversial issue. An abortion is a medical procedure that is used to terminate a pregnancy and cause death to the embryo. Both presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump take on different sides on this sensitive issue. Donald Trump is pro life he is against the practice of abortion. Hillary Clinton on the other hand, is pro choice she supports that women should have a right to a safe legal abortion. While abortion may affect a woman physically and mentally it can also, affect the family and community depending on how one looks at it. Presidential candidate Hillary has very strong view on abortion. According, to her website she strongly believes in protecting women’s health and reproductive…show more content…
According to a Huffington post article titled “Donald Trump Promises To Appoint Anti-Abortion Justices To Supreme Court” Donald trump states the best way to ban abortion is to vote for him. Furthermore, he states if he became president he would appoint Supreme Court justices who would more than likely overturn Roe vs. Wade. Additionally, Trump stated,” Women should face some sort of punishment for having an abortion”. In a Life News article it states that Trump promised to de-fund planned parent hood. He also, opposes taxpayers funding contraception and abortions. I stand with Hillary on this particular issue. All women should have the option to decide what is best for them. It is 2016 and women’s rights should not be under attacked. Women should have control over her reproductive rights. We would be taking a step back if we got rid of Roe vs. Wade. Additionally, having taxpayers fund contraceptives and abortions can be a positive thing for all women especially women in poverty. Not all women have the financial outlet to pay for contraceptives and abortion. Without access to basic reproductive rights for women we could be taken back to a dark time again of illegal

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