Donald Trump's Immigration Plan And How It Could Affect The GOP

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Donald Trump and the Media From the article “What’s In Donald Trump’s Immigration Plan and How It Could Affect the GOP”, is heavily based on what Donald Trump’s plans to stop all immigrants entering to the United States. The author of the article, Asma Khalid, proclaim that the GOP and Donald Trump are separate in minds of this situation. Overall in every media that involves the presidential election with Donald Trump; it always a force debate on immigration. Are there any other topics that media show besides the immigration problem? The politician Donald Trump is gaining more popularity by arguing the journalists and the democrat politicians about releasing immigrants into the United States without a permit or a visa. He declares that the immigrants are the cause of bringing illegal drugs and gangsters to the U.S. It seems true that most of the immigrants cause more crime, but some like families needed a new life or a new future. In the article, Donald Trump answered Chuck Todd for deporting all families back to their country with no exceptions whatsoever.…show more content…
There are some politicians in the republican and democratic side, who is running for the presidential election, that haven’t appeared in the television media. The presidential election is near for our next president and the media only covers Trump and Hillary because they are the most popular from the other politicians that participate in the
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