Donald Trump's Informative Essay: The Third Debate

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The Third Debate

The third and final presidential debate took place in Las Vegas, NV on October 19, 2016. Once again the debate was between Senator Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. There was an audience in attendance as well as this debate was televised and broadcasted on national television around the world. Donald stated that if he is elected the supreme court justice that he appoints will uphold the second amendment as well as the rest of the amendment. He also states when it comes to abortion once these new members are elected on the supreme court the decision of abortions will be up to state and will no longer be a constitutional right. Trump’s whole campaign has evolved around illegal immigrants and ways to keep them out of the country.
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Their speeches did not contain repetition but I feel as though Mr. Trump could’ve used it a lot more than Hilary Clinton. If Mr. Trump would’ve continued to talk about why he wants immigrants out of the country I feel as though I would’ve helped his point even more. Hilary Clinton uses repetition in her speech when she talks about Donald Trump’s relationship with other foreign countries. These speeches both use parallel structure but the one that uses it the best is Donald Trump. I believe this because it helped him get his points across and he made his objective a little clearer. The vocabulary along with the sentence structure was appropriate for both candidates. Neither of the candidates disrespected nor used foul language against each other. My first impression that Donald Trump created for me is that he is a smart man he has a a lot of great ideas and some not good ideas but he has a plan for the American people and that is change. I like the idea that Donald trump is trying to get across but I do not like his views on immigrants, colored people, and abortion. As for Hilary, she gives me the impression that she wants America to succeed but she doesn’t have a set plan on how that will happen. She talks about what she wants to get done but like Donald Trump states many times, Senator Hilary has been a Senator for thirty years, why try to change things now. To me Hilary is a puppet and it doesn’t seem like she is ready to be president and neither does Donald
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