Donald Trump Leadership Style Analysis

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Introduction In every walk of life as well as in every situation in life people look up to others for leadership or for inspiration or for role models. This is more true these days for instance, in a family context children look up to their parents as models or in work place colleagues seek leadership among peers, or in common places the general public go after celebrities and fashion models for leadership or role models. In other context people who exhibit qualities like confidence, risk taking, courage, goal setting, decision making etc. are considered role models and people take them as leaders. Regardless of the context, in every place and time leaders are sought after and we have to be either a leader or a follower of a leader for…show more content…
Decision Making – Related to his business dealings, Donald Trump has made good decisions. Irrespective of the recent criticisms on him in his new position as the President of the USA, in the business world he is known for taking calculated risks that is beyond the ken of ordinary businessmen. However, when you listen to him speak [if you believe him] he is actually very conservative with his business decisions. He tends to buy properties that have less of an upside if they also are a safer choice [i.e., less downside]. Taking risks is part of business, but making sure the risks are calculated and you know the upsides and downsides is the key. His acumen in making such decisions in business is quite…show more content…
So, one of the top attributes I want to master is honesty, trustworthiness and fairness. These virtues are frequently thought to be the measure of good moral character as well. To be an inspiration to others cultivating these values in my life is imperative. Besides this would enable one to surround oneself with other members of integrity and talent which is necessary for a successful leader. • Courage As a leader, I have to face all the challenges and problems that occur under my administration and must take the lead to place my community to where I wanted it to be i.e., to a more prosperous and safer position. Courage and conviction are mandatory traits I need to have in seeking help from my team and all the people in the community to achieve our targets. To make calculated risk that is beyond the ken of ordinary people a leader must be courageous and should be moved by the confidence of experience. This outstanding trait I found in Donald Trump who is a successful leader in business and

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