The Allegory of the Cave Applied to Trump's Government

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The Allegory of the Cave is one of the most famous metaphors in Western philosophy. This continuous metaphor speaks about educations effects on the human soul. As one of the prisoners held in the cave is freed from his bonds he is able to begin experiencing reality, however painful the initial reaction is. When the same prisoner leaves the cave he is blinded, but eventually adjusts and views the world around him and acknowledges the sun as the cause for everything he sees. The sun essentially is representative of a Form of the Good and thus the prisoner has reached a type of higher understanding. This higher understand is then suppose to be given to the other prisoners by the initial discoverer. However, who is to say that the man who has been given this higher understanding will not abuse his knowledge in order to manipulate others into following him. Additionally, this man was enlightened on his own and thus the enlightenment he bestows upon others may be increasingly separate from reality. As he explains the meaning of all he is seeing and…show more content…
We are too distracted by Bernie Sanders hair or Donald Trump’s insults to listen to their political views. Liberals in Vermont are too excited to have a candidate from their little state that they won’t hear anything they don’t want to, Sanders to them embodies everything a president should be. Trump’s supporters believe they have a chance to have a president who will speak honestly, even if it is painful or insulting, and who will make America great again. It is the idea that you will always support the democratic nominee if you are democrat regardless of what they are saying or what they have done. People will blindly defend someone running in the party they support rather then choosing a candidate based on their opinions and beliefs. The power of association is quite strong and it has a huge effect on our political
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