Donald Zinkoff Character Analysis

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5.Characters Donald Zinkoff is the main character of the story, he is six years old at the beginning of the story as he is at First Grade. As this book tells us the evolution of Zinkoff over the years, at the end of the book, he is eleven or twelve years old because he is at sixth grade. In addition, he has a physical problem that makes him vomit unexpectedly. Also, he does not get exceptional marks at school, although he really loves going to school and he is not sensational at sports. As a consequence, his classmates start calling him loser, since he makes them not winning the Field Race. He has a dream which is being like his father, a mailman who has to deliver the letters even thought it is raining or snowing. Also, snicker-doodles are the favourite cookies of Donald. In addition, he loves soccer as it is free-for-all and not like football which is only fun for the ball carrier. When he was a child, he always said yahoo and he was not afraid of darkness. Although, he had a deep fear of the Furnace monster.…show more content…
Also, he laughs a lot, and most of the student Know him for that and because of sports. Furthermore, he cares of his surrounding people, as he has the ability of being more than seven hours looking for Claudia when she disappeared during a snowstorm. He does not mind winning or loosing, as he only wants to have fun. An example, is when he was from titans and Andrew was from Hornet in the championship, as titans won and he saw Andrew dispirited, he gave the trophy to him. He has a bubble gum that was from Claudia and he sees it as a lucky
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