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1.8.1 Dongyue Temple Fair Taishan Dongyue Temple Fair started in the Tang dynasty, around 1500 years ago and it was normally organized in April when the Mount Taishan spirit was born. Initially, it was a grand festival for people to worship the gods and local sprits to produce a physical and mental pleasure. Because of wars, the Dongyue Temple Fair used to be terminated for several decades. In order to promote the traditional culture and meet the needs of the local people, the Donyue Temple Fair began to be organized by the government on1986. The whole fair lasted for 7 days with a continuation of the old traditions, including some normal religious activities, primarily materials trading, cultural entertainment and tourism. Normally, a Dongyue…show more content…
A team was especially developed as an in charge of this fair. The symbol of Taishan Dongyue Temple fair was designed for the first time and the mascot was also designed and launched to be the “Taishan four happy mascot Boys” with the name Pingping, Anan, Shunshun and Dangdang, which means peace and smoothly. Since then, the Temple Fair has been successfully created to be a cultural brand. The temple fair turns to be a theme event made up with tens of activities, demonstrating the unique cultural style and charm of the Mount Taishan. The activities contain a wide range of series of folk activities, including Praying services to the spirit of Mount Taishan, intangible cultural heritage exhibitions, art exhibitions and trade fairs, etc. Through this fair, the local culture of Mount Taishan has been well promoted to the worldwide and the Mount Taishan also received a good social and economic benefit. Besides, the content of temple fair is has increased year by year. In 2013, the elements of Korea culture were added into the Dongyue Temple Faire and an event called "China-Korea folk culture week" was organized which involved the original folk culture, and experiencing the typical Korean food and art. In 2014, a performance team from Taiwan also attended the fair giving their folk performances to all the guests, and the typical souvenirs and traditional Taiwan

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