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I am Donique Byfield and I am a sixteen year old girl in 11th grade who likes to draw. There are numerous amounts of things I would like to accomplish in school this year. Similar to everyone else there are skills that I excel at and skills that need to be further developed, however, one thing that makes me unique is that I work hard to achieve goals that I set.
To begin with, some people may look at me and see an average girl. My usual demeanor in public is quiet and reserved. Something they might not know about me from just glancing is that I am very hard working. Ever since I was a child I always had a fondness towards art, and this interest allows me to push myself to improve. I did not attend formal art classes, so I had to teach myself the fundamentals of art through constant trial and error. Aside from art I am determined in my classroom studies as well. In order to maintain good grades I make sure I do all my homework and I take notes in class. When I find myself struggling I find out what steps I can take to help me understand my schoolwork.
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One of my strengths is in creativity. I am person who excels greatly when I am able to be creative and have freedom to think outside the box. However, that can also become a weakness because for assignments that are more limited and structured I to find to be challenging. Another strength I have is being able to learn quickly from my previous mistakes. There are times where I mess up or do something wrong, but my plan is to put those failures to good use. Mistakes help me see what not to do, therefore, on my next attempt I can get it right. The areas I feel like I need the most assistance in are analyzing literature and being able to give a detailed description of the works. I struggle with being too vague and not giving an in depth analysis of the pieces. Another aspect I find difficult is getting to the word count on my writing

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