Donna's Response: Once More To The Lake

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Essay A, Essay B One big aspect in Donna's response was her emphasis and importance of developing a thesis. The two essays we read were precursors in showing us the importance of a thesis and how we are to incorporate it into our writing. Donna also went on to talk about the importance of considering your audience. When it comes to the two essays, "Once More to the Lake" happens to be much more relatable and pertinent than "The Death of the Moth." She also touched on the importance of symbolism. These essays were great examples on how to portray a deeper meaning in a piece of writing. In general terms this essay prompt helped us establish and look into the basics of writing an essay. Learning From An Editor More often than Not in various movies I watch and books I read I am left astonished and in wonder on how something happened. Leaving your audience in wonder intrigues them, pushing to continue reading or watching. In this response Donna showed the importance of essay hooks and bewilderment. As humans our attention spans have been decreasing, so …show more content…

He goes to show how he was ridiculed in life and how he pushed forward and pursued his goals anyways. "I throw my weight against their locked doors. The door holds. I am smart. I am arrogant. I am lucky. I am trying to save our lives." This quote explains the trouble he was having with teaching young Indians how to read and write. This essay could set an example for anyone trying to accomplish something in life be it small or catastrophic. In this essay he also uses his title and a story about a comic book to explain his struggle in breaking down doors and opening new avenues for young aspired Indians. This essay provides a great example on how we establish a deeper meaning in our

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