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Donness Johnson was held captive for the joint between his two fingers. Homeless since the age of seven, Johnson state 's “ ...Prison was like the home I never received… three meals a day..a bed...shower...personal gym… [man] prison was luxury...the only reason I looked forward to going back on those streets where because of that one thing that got me here in the first place..” Three years and twenty-five weeks later since his release, Donness found himself back in luxury with an account of statutory rape of a thirteen year old girl. Donness Johnson is one of the many Americans who find themselves guilty of a higher degree crime then their first. A prisoner is put in a cell only to sit in his own thoughts of his past. A rehabilitated man has …show more content…

However, the penalty stands to be only temporary. Studies have shown that only seventy-one percent of those released from prison are convicted of a serious crime within only three years after their releasement ( ). Is prison housing the criminals or teaching them? A correctional facility is built to correct and rehabilitate, however prison systems in America appear to be only a short stop before the production of the criminals grand plan. The majority of those who are sentenced to prison have a high rate of returning due to their difficulty in gaining a position with a self-sustaining wage and a lack knowledge on a life without crime. Just like children are taught to read and write, prisoners must be taught something other than atrocity. Property offenders were the most likely to be rearrested, with 82.1 percent of released property offenders arrested for a new crime ( ). Why are minor crime offenders committing serious crimes even after their consequence? The obtainment of the knowledge necessary to transform the perspective of the criminal into one that has no lust for crime could alter the continuous growth in the incarnation rates in

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