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Could Donnie Brasco or the FBI infiltrate modern organized crime to what he did 30 years ago? In my opinion, without a doubt, Donnie Brasco or FBI will not be able to infiltrate modern organized crime compare to what they did 30 years ago. There are four main reasons why I think that it is impossible for Donnie Brasco or the FBI to infiltrate modern organized crime. First, globalization and technological have instantaneously transformed organized crime. Organized crime groups have adopted more-networked structural models, internationalized their operations, and grown more technological knowledge. Second, since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, there has been a shift in law enforcement attention and resources toward counterterrorism-related…show more content…
Organized crime groups have evolved into a web like networked structural models, internationalized their operations, and developed more technological knowledge. As a result, organized crime groups have become harder to pin down. International borders and relationships become an opportunities for them, while law enforcement views it as a challenge. In my opinion, this is a really big problem in terms of infiltrating organized crime group, because the more they become globalized, the more influence and power they could attained from other organized crime and even possible the corrupt government itself. For example, there are some rules or laws that prohibit United States law enforcement or even our FBI to arrest organized crime group who internationalized their schemes in other countries. Moreover, I think technological advances, also, make infiltration harder. It is because organized crime group can gain any information they want with the use of the modern technologies such as internet. Internet in this era is a very powerful tool to search about people from their age, sex, address, family members, and even occupations, and this why I think Donnie Brasco with fail because if the organized group is not sure about him they can just use the internet or the power of technology to find out who he really…show more content…
For example, after the attacks of September 11, 2001, combating worldwide terrorism became a high priority for many nations. What countries, especially some formerly complacent Western countries, were willing to spend on counter-terrorism measures increased significantly. In fact, according to recent data, the United States spent roughly $16 billion on counter terrorism efforts, about twice the 2001 budget in constant dollars. Despite these fears, in 2014, the US continued to decrease military spending after reaching a high of $711,338 million in 2011(Zucchi, 2016). I think this is also a problem in terms of infiltrating the modern organized crime, because it limits the availability of support that a FBI agent, or Donnie Brasco, needs to execute the assignments. For example, in the movie, Donnie Brasco was provided with many supports such as vacation, money, apartment, and even a boat, so that he can provide the FBI with information and evidence to persecute their targets. Additionally, web like network structures make it harder for any agencies to infiltrate, disrupt, and dismantle organized crime, so that is why without any means of support or resources it is most likely impossible to infiltrate any

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