Donny Hallmark Eulogy

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Donny Hallmark

I have the privilege of Celebrating with you the life Donny Hallmark, not simply as a minister of the Good News, but as his nephew by marriage. I also had the privilege of conducting the funerals of each one of his siblings, Charles, Betty, Barbara, and William. After each memorial Donnie would say to me, “Promise me you will do my funeral, I want to be sure you will say nice things about me.” It kind of makes me wonder what he was worried we might say.

Donnie had a ways with words and phrases himself and would often be asked to give a toast or say a few words on special occasions. I am not sure I will live up to his wit, but there are a few things I would like to say about Uncle Donny.

Anyone who knew Donnie knows that he had a very strong work ethic. His children tell me that if they told their dad they were not feeling well and might stay home from work, he would respond by saying, “It is just as easy to be sick at work as at home, so go to work.” He was just calling them to live like he did. He never missed work. He was also known to say, “if you love your job you will never work a day in
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She should have known right then, life with Donny Hallmark would not be dull. Donnie loved cars and was a member of a car club called the Humpers. I do not know what the name means, and I was afraid to ask. It was made up of a group of friends, who remained friends for the rest of their lives. I was told some of them would be here this morning. Kay told me Donny once presented her with a business card which read, Donny Hallmark, President, The Humpers. When she shared one of his children commented, “I didn’t know dad was president of the car club,” Kay responded, “Oh it didn’t mean anything, they would have a new president every other week.” That seems right. It was not about being the head honcho. It was about the love of cars, having fun, and being with
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