Dont Blame The Eater By David Zinczekos Analysis

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Today, the obesity rates in the United States have increased tremendously, but whom to blame the fast food industry to the consumers? Obesity in the United States has affected the lives of many individuals, but it is not a consumer’s fault. The fast-food companies are manipulating its consumers by not giving them access to nutritional information content included in their meals. With this intention, giving people access to nutrition facts can help turn their lives around. When deciding what you want to eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, knowing the nutritional values of each meal can be an important component of your decision. David Zinczekos’s essay, “Don’t Blame the Eater”, he uses personal experience since as a child, he was obese and he had limited healthy food choices as a result of his parent’s split up, his daily meal choices came from fast- food restaurants like McDonald's or Taco Bell. But, he became involved in the health and wellness industry, which helped him manage his diet. Fast-food restaurants appeal to the parents and their children because they are an…show more content…
Zinczenko’s states facts about the serving size in the fast-food restaurant are manipulated to the customers. He uses a company’s website to show how the calories of each component that comes with the meal are posted separately and also the fact that companies put the small print on the back of their product so they can blind their customers, doesn't it show the culprit of the fast-food industries. His use of statistical evidence shows how it can be tricky to understand the information provided about the serving size at fast-food restaurants. Nevertheless, fast-food restaurants should display the nutritional values of their food contents so the customers can be educated in what they are eating. If you are not providing the information, then you are using their weakness for your own
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