Dont Lower The Bar Analysis

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INTRO-HOOK-In the article “Don’t Lower the Bar on Education and Standards”, Pitts writes to the general public to convince people how the standards of education can’t be lower for different races. In the article “Torture might work, but that's not the issue”, Pitts writes to the government to inform why torture is inmorally wrong and show the severity of the using torture as a tactic. In the article “Naika’s Death was a Spectator Sport”, he informs and displays how many bystanders will do nothing when someone needs help. ADD MORE In all three of the articles, Pitts uses examples, stats, colloquial language and diction to convey his message in each of the articles.

1st- To begin, Pitts uses examples to convey his point in all three of the articles. In the first article (“Dont Lower the Bar”), Pitts uses this example; “The best analogy I can give you is based
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In the first article (“Don't Lower the Bar”), Pitts uses a comparison between the different goals for white and black students in Florida corresponding with their math grade levels. Pitts states how “Florida set a goal of having 86% of white kids at or above grade level in math by 2018. For black kids, the goal is 74%”. When Pitts uses these stats, he is putting how much the education bar is lowered for black students in perspective by comparing the percent of students that should be at or above their grade level math. In the second article (“Torture might work but that's not the issue”), Pitts includes a stat about drunk drivers, “ ...drunk drivers kill almost 10,000 people a year”. Pitts uses this stat shows the severity of the situation. In the third article (“Naikas Death was a spectator sport”), Pitts uses this stat; “one of her 4,500 facebook friends,only one of her friends tried to help her.” This stat puts Pitts claim into perspective in how people can just stand by a watch something bad happen. ADD CLOSING
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