Dont Put Me In A Box Autobiography About Being Primitive Analysis

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Reflection: “Don’t Put Me in a Box: Autoethnography about Being Primitive” essay I am so humbled for being considered a good writer at Xavier University. The truth is I love writing and most of the writings I do, are about things that I am passionate such as things that bring awareness to Social Justice, Racism, and Equal Rights. As a writer, my aim is to always write from the heart and to educate the readers. When my English professor asked us to write an autoethnography, I reflected about my life experience and chose one that would bring awareness to how international students are treated at Xavier while hoping that the anyone who reads my essay is informed about those issues and hopefully take action and do something to change them. I knew that at least three or…show more content…
This gives me more time to think about what I want to write about, jot down ideas, and write a passionate paper. Although I spend a lot of time reflecting on an essay topic after this process ends, I write and when I start writing, I continue until I finish my essay. I am able to do this because of the previous jotting down of ideas I did. After finishing my essay, I usually proofread it and in this process, I use software such as Grammarly (free version), which automatically corrects my grammar. This process is then followed by class peer review (I often aim to finish the paper before the peer review process begins so that I can get effective critiques from my peers and my professors since she also reviews our work). After receiving the critiques on how to make my paper better, the next step is editing the essay before visiting the writing center. At the writing center, I usually only check for grammar and structure errors (I always prefer that writing center workers read my paper out loud for me so that I can hear how it sounds from an outsider’s perspective). Also, some professors usually give students extra credit for
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