Don T Throw Things Away Analysis

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Read the text and then do the tasks that follow.
Don’t Throw Things Away
Getting rid of things from your home can be a difficult task; it seems like we can always find reasons to hold on to items that we no longer need or use. But what happens when we just can 't bring ourselves to throw things away? We may imagine that we will need these items some day - but what would life look like without ownership of these objects? Within all of us there is a little hoarder addiction.
Here are some things that you should seriously consider getting rid of and throwing out (and by that, I mean donate, dump, trash, incinerate, whatever it takes to get it out of your life and space):
Junk Mail and Papers - As you go through your daily mail, sort the papers and magazines
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If the appliance is useless to you, give it to someone who can use it.
Old Furniture/Picture Frames - This is tricky, because sometimes you hold on to furniture because you might be moving some day and you will need it for your new and larger home. Try to find someone who could store it for you in the meantime to eliminate the clutter and space issue. If you are saving a picture frame, take out the picture and store the frame empty in case you want to give it away quickly. Most frames are never reused.
Dishes and Kitchen Items - Sometimes we accumulate too many mugs, and plastic storage containers with no lids. How about all those broken plates and spoons that are troublesome and annoying? Do you have any pots that are worn and scratched? These are the items to throw out!
Linen - Keep your linen in good shape and clean. Make sure you have enough for guests and replacement for your "sick days." Otherwise, thin it out and enjoy the good stuff.
Power Cables - Only keep cables for which you are sure you have the actual working appliance. Many people forget what each cable and wire belongs with. Label them as you get new
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