Dont Touch My Hair Essay

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Don’t Touch My Hair” By solange is the ninth track on her album A Seat at the Table. To understand the truth of this song for Pecola, one must first understand the tone of the song that is set by simply reading the title of the album. Politically speaking, giving someone a seat at the table, is like the highest level of respect, essentially saying that they have enough power to influence change and that their opinion is valued and important. In an interview Solange reveal’s to DIY Mag that for her, a seat at the table is an invitation that allows people to pull up a chair and share their hard uncomfortable truths.Specifically African-Americans who for the most part don’t really get this type of respect. Solange is saying that she has set her own table and that the African-American community is welcome to sit with her and share their truth’s.…show more content…
Don’t Touch My Hair is the protection of you. Often time people look at black hair and are “fascinated” with it or “infatuated”, as if it is so extraordinary and that all someone want’s to do is stare and touch it as if they are some exotic animal with an extravagant fur. When black women, and black girls don’t wear their own hair they are supposed to feel ashamed for having perms and extensions. By not liking their hair they consequently didn’t like their blackness. This is where the problem really begins, and why Solange chose to write Don’t Touch My Hair. The song represents a journey to self-acceptance of not only one’s hair, but as well as self-acceptance of yourself as an African American Woman. In The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison, Pecola, a young African-American in the 1960’s experiences the same shame that comes with being black in a White America. The song, uncovers this for
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