Donuts Don T Lie Short Story

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Donuts Don’t Lie by: Angela Wilkinson Mom was in the kitchen making a grocery list while Dad and Tay-Tay were in the family room. Dad was watching sports on T.V. and Tay-Tay was playing with his toys, secretly daydreaming of powdered donuts. He tasted them for the first time at his daycare yesterday afternoon. He just can’t stop thinking about those powdered donuts that melt in your mouth. “Honey, I’m going to the grocery store,” Mom called out to Dad. “Okay, Dear. Drive carefully,” Dad replied. Tay-Tay heard the words grocery store and got excited. He ran into the kitchen and stood next to Mom with a huge smile on his face. “Oooh! Can I go with you?” he asked as he tugged on Mom’s dress. Mom grinned, “Sure, honey. I’ll…show more content…
He couldn’t wait to eat one. When they got home he asked his mom if he could have one. She politely told him that he would have to wait until after dinner. Tay-Tay was disappointed. He didn’t think he could wait until after dinner. He had waited so long already. Mom put away the groceries and prepared dinner. She placed the covered dish in the oven and joined Dad on the sofa until dinner was ready. Tay-Tay had to do something to get his mind off of those donuts. He decided to play football by himself until it was time for dinner. He grabbed the football from his toy chest and started running all throughout the house. Although he was having fun, he was still thinking about those powdered donuts. The thought of them being in house drove him silly! He couldn’t take it anymore. He just couldn’t wait another minute. He snuck in the pantry, opened the donuts and put one in his mouth. “Ahhhhhh, these are soooooooo good!” he thought to himself. He felt relieved that he had finally tasted one of the donuts. He started to run around again. He happily made his way into the living room and stood in front of his parents and yelled, “Touchdown!” His parents clapped their hands and cheered for…show more content…
He felt very sad. He had never lied to his parents before. He was afraid to look them in their eyes. Dad gently lifted Tay-Tay’s chin up with his fingers then motioned for him to sit down on the sofa. Dad talked to Tay-Tay about the importance of always telling the truth and how harmful it is to tell lies. He explained that even when people who tell lies finally tell the truth, it’s hard for others to believe them. Afterwards, Tay-Tay hugged his parents and apologized for not telling the truth. He promised not to ever lie again. His parents accepted Tay-Tay’s apology. However, there was a lesson to be learned. Mom said, “Because you didn’t tell the truth, you will not have any more donuts after dinner. You’ll have to wait until after dinner tomorrow. In addition, you will not be able to get a special treat the next time we go to the grocery store. Is that clear?” “Yes ma’am,” said Tay-Tay. Later that night, after his bath, Tay-Tay crawled into bed and thought about the lesson he learned. He still felt sad for not telling the truth. However, the thought of eating those powdered donuts after dinner tomorrow made him feel much better. Tay-Tay placed both hands behind his head, closed his eyes, and counted powdered donuts until he fell

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