Doodle And The Scarlet Ibis: Questions And Answers

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Eleni Clermont H English I 9/30/17 Review and Assess Questions I do not blame the narrator for Doodle’s death. I believe the narrator was just trying to help Doodle into becoming a person that wouldn’t be made fun of when he started school. He truly believed that Doodle would come over the hill, through the rain, back to the narrator, but when Doodle didn’t come up the narrator went looking and discovered his body. 4. (a) The narrator was wanted to teach Doodle how to run, to swim, to climb trees, and to fight next. (b) The narrator wanted to do this for Doodle, so that he would not be made fun of by his classmates when he started school for the first time. 6. Doodle and the Scarlet Ibis are similar in that both are fragile beings. They
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