Doodle's Brother Character Analysis

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Imagine a brother murdering his own brother. Sounds terrible, right? Unfortunately, it actually happened. A disabled boy who went by the name of Doodle was killed by his own older brother - someone who is supposed to be a lifelong protector and best friend. The evidence is undeniable. Doodle's brother was extremely cruel to him from the time Doodle was born. One would think that Doodle's disability would be more than enough reason for his brother to feel sympathy for Doodle; not this brother. Doodle's brother was so hateful toward Doodle that he stated his desire to smother Doodle with a pillow. Doodle's brother also showed his cruel, ill feelings for his disabled brother, Doodle, by showing him the casket which the family built…show more content…
This disability prevented Doodle from walking or standing which meant that most of the time, Doodle's brother was required to carry Doodle anywhere he needed or wanted to go. Without a doubt, this aggravated Doodle's brother, greatly. In his mind, and with his gigantic ego, Doodle's brother was too good to carry his physically challenged brother anywhere, especially in public where they could be seen by others, so guess what Doodle's brother did to get out of helping Doodle? He actually forced Doodle to walk, which was detrimental to Doodle, both physically and mentally. Considering the overwhelming strain this action forced upon Doodle's frail, fragile heart, it easily could have been too much for it to take. The tremendous pain and stress Doodle felt by being made to take this action by his cold brother, which his physical disability prevented him from could have simply caused his heart to fail. Obviously, Doodle's heartless brother had more concern for his own ego than his brother's physical and mental…show more content…
Doodle's brother was deeply embarrassed and humiliated at having a handicapped brother. Doodle's brother literally stated this fact when he proclaimed what a disappointment Doodle was to him when Doodle was just a baby. Doodle's brother's enormous embarrassment and disgust with his disabled younger brother was evident from the beginning, and only grew as they got older. You might be thinking the brother wasn't cruel to Doodle every second of every day. For that, you are correct. The brother did take Doodle to Old Woman's Swamp, which was his favorite place to go. The cruelty outweighs the kindness though. There is no denying it. It is not hard to see. The brother is responsible for Doodle's death. It is the sad truth. This evidence shows that perfectly. The brother was cruel, annoyed and ashamed of Doodle. Hopefully, the brother will be brought to
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