Doodle's Pride In The Scarlet Ibis

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The brother was easily the guilty suspect in this case. The question here is whether or not Doodle’s cause of death was his brother’s own pride. Throughout the book, The Scarlet Ibis, Doodle’s brother gives us a plethora of quality examples as to why the death of his brother was surely his to bear. The brother was overly prideful. On page 347 the brother admits his guilt, “’What are you crying for?’ asked Daddy, but I couldn’t answer. They did not know that I did it for myself, that pride, whose slave I was, spoke to me louder than all their voices, and that Doodle walked only because I was ashamed of having a crippled brother.” As you can see, the brother not only avoided the doctor’s directions of no walking because Doodle is special, but only taught him for the plain reason of being ashamed of a disabled sibling. This harmful pride doesn’t stop there. Yet again the brother proves his guilt on page 347 stating, in an eerie form, “But all of us must have something or someone to be proud of, and Doodle became mine.” His brother is admitting Doodle’s innocence. Next, the brother gives us plenty of moments that prove his cruel behavior and thoughts during the story. As he goes to give us proof of my statement on page 345, “It was bad enough having an invalid brother, but having one who possibly was not all there was unbearable, so…show more content…
I do believe the brother did have to have some love for Doodle, he gave him his name after all. On page 345 it says, “It was I who renamed him… Crawling backward made him look like a doodlebug so I began to call him Doodle. Renaming my brother was perhaps the kindest thing I ever did for him, because nobody expects much from someone called Doodle.” But all in all if this brother truly had a sincere love for Doodle he would never have done the things he did to him or had any of the thoughts I’ve mentioned above. At the least, he wouldn’t have given Doodle such an ignorant
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