Doolittle And Helen Comparison

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Many times in literature multiple authors will speak about the same topic and many times differences in opinion can occur. Though the opinions differ from each other the writings came be equally logical and admirable. An example of this occurrence would be the writings of “To Helen” by Edgar Allen Poe and “Helen” by Hilda Doolittle. In Poe’s poem he demonstrates his admiration for Helen and her beauty while in Doolittle’s poem she demonstrates a strong hatred towards Helen and her beauty. Though both poems illustrate differences in opinions both pieces of writing are greatly written and give great views of opinions. In the poems “To Helen” by Edgar Allen Poe and “Helen” by Hilda Doolittle both speakers vividly portray conflicting opinions about Helens beauty through tone, imagery, and alliteration demonstrating physical beauty as an obsession. In both poems Poe and Doolittle both portray Helen as a very beautiful woman. Through the use of allusion, alliteration, similes, and personification both authors are able to create a vivid image for the reader of just how beautiful Helen actually was. In Poe’s poem he compares Helen to a “perfumed…show more content…
While Poe describes Helen’s beauty in an admiral tone with a positive attitude, Doolittle portrays immense hatred towards Helen in general using a very negative attitude. Both writers clearly state their opinions of her while Poe compares Helen to being “home” and as a very wonderful person who seems to be misunderstood, Doolittle seems to go out of her way to make Helen seem evil and unworthy of any love from anyone of Greece whereas she seems to be speaking for the entire country in her poem. Doolittle seems to give an indication of hard feelings from all of Greece towards Helen due to the war she caused, and Poe seems to focus on mostly his love for her and her beauty while not really informing readers on any reason why he loves
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