Dope Movie Analysis

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In my opinion, Dope the movie has many element of Subcultural theories and Anomie theory in it. Subcultural state that people that come from run down school, poor neighborhoods and status frustration. Anomie on the other hand, interduces the idea of people accepting cultural goals but not accepting institutional mean.
In short, the movie Dope is a story about a kid named Malcolm Adekanbi and is bests friends jib and diggy. The sitting for this story was in Inglewood California in a rundown neighborhood called “The Bottoms”. Malcolm was a geek at his school and wanted to go to Harvard university. He tried to ask his school to help him get in to Harvard but the school felt that Malcolm ambition were too high for the him because of the school he came from. Furthermore, Malcolm meets a drug dealer that know a guy called aj that can get people into Harvard. After series of crazy event Malcolm found himself selling drug to get into college. The wildest thing is that it works. Link to wiki summer of dope.
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Malcolm was pushed to this conclusion because his school canlusal didn’t take him seriously. According to subcultural theory one of the key way to know if someone will have criminally tendency, is inadequate schooling. Inadequate schooling is also typical related to an urban poor neighborhood. The poor neighborhood is event in the movie by the drug dialer and kid being in the street without supervision by an adult. None the less, Malcolm adekanbi was not will to just exsepte the the idea kids in his situation would never make it to Harvard. I would call this dive status frustration. He want to prove that his school was wrong and that he was
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