Dorian Gray Analysis

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The analysis of "THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY" by Oscar Wilde THE AUTHOR Oscar Wilde was an author and a poet from Ireland of the second half of the 19th century. The author is from a successful family of intellectuals. He was a classicist at Dublin and Oxford universities. Later he was a lecturer. When he moved back to London he became a journalist. Oscar Wilde married a daughter from a rich family Constance Lloyd and had two kids with her but later he was imprisoned for his relationship with another man. He died of cerebral meningitis. In his works Oscar Wilde was focusing more on the dialogs of the main characters rather than detailed setting ant the plot. THE SETTING TIME SETTING General time setting: The time in the book was not given…show more content…
When he sees that the portrait remained the same he attempts to destroy it by stabbing it with a knife. However, the portrait was found as it was just painted many years ago, but near the picture Dorian Gray was lying old, wrinkled and dead, with a knife in his chest. CONFLICTS INNER CONFLICTS The first inner conflict is Dorian’s fear to lose his youth. The other inner conflict is Dorian Gray seeing his true soul and sins in his picture and accepting it or trying to change it with morality. OUTSIDE CONFLICTS We can find an outside conflict when people were talking about Dorian Gray and spreading rumours about him. CHARACTERS DORIAN GRAY -a wealthy young and very handsome man with scarlet lips, gold hair and blue eyes whose picture was painted by the painter Basil Hallward. Dorian Gray makes a wish to keep his beauty and youth forever while the picture of him would get old. After he makes this wish his true soul and all his sins starts to appear in the picture while Dorian’s appearance stays as it was. Dorian Gray is the protagonist of the book – the events revolves around him therefore he is a major character. He is also a round character because we can see his complex personality and emotions. Dorian Gray is a dynamic character because he changes a lot throughout the book. Lord Henry has made a big influence in Dorian’s changing
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