Dorianne Laux's Facts About The Moon

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Dorianne Laux’s interlocking images and recycled themes in section three
Dorianne Laux’s Facts about the Moon is a confessional read driven by original everyday images or topics that act as igniters to a specific memory or theme she is implying. The poetry is consistent with being smart in terms of having lasting images that extend form poem to poem. A fierce voice that tackles soft topics as well as a soft voice that tackles fierce topics. Her contrast of formal language corresponding with poems that delve deep into lyricism that creates a fairytale like aesthetic. And gorgeous/humorous layered imagery from a whole poem that is a hyperbole to a single specific detail that acts as a narrative guide which engages the reader into the most natural
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The twenty-two lined poem is a sarcastic telling about girls getting abducted daily in parks. To change of voice really helps keep this topic of child abuse and abduction in this section fresh and never goes too far with the comedic aspect, but uses this voice as a more political tool rather than being just funny. This poem, with its short length manages to be a bit more sophisticated than the previous by having a simile in the image of the fly hilariously making its landing on a carved x mark on a picnic table, “Like this fly with a thousand eyes/alighting on the exact center of a deeply/carved X.” (Laux Lines 5-7). The entire poem with its sarcastic voice fits the format of a hyperbole, which is an overstatement, a comparison using conscious exaggeration. This idea of rebutting this occurrence works great in her polarity of giving the readers the honest occurrences of the world in such horrible events and taken a step back and presenting the hoax’s or false occurrences with a great amount of humor. She presents the mythologies and realities of the world concerning a unified topic. This poem also works as an Allusion or metaphor making a direct comparison on a historical or literary event or character, a myth, and or a biblical reference. The allusion takes the form of the myth of park abductions. Laux uses more literary tools to craft and structure this poem even though some similarities are consistent throughout all her works which her strengths rely on delivering short lines with powerful end words that allows her to delve deeper into formal language letting the end words and enjambment dictate the emotion of her poetry. She has three consecutive end words that create an image pro to the theme of her poem, Kid, swag, and
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