Doris Chen Character Traits

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A person once said that the sky is the limit, but is it really? On June 16, 2001 at 7:52 AM Doris Chen was born in Garfield Medical Center. She was born into the Chen family with an older brother named Billy and two hardworking parents. Doris speaks Cantonese and English, but is currently learning Mandarin and Korean. As of now, she is living in Temple City and is studying at Temple City High school as a freshman. She is on the tennis team and is planning to join several clubs, while studying to get straight A’s on her report card. Doris Chen is not only academically intelligent, but she plans ahead for her musical career in the future and is dedicated to anything she sets her mind towards, such as spending time with the group of people she loves. Regarding her high scores in school, Doris Chen is one of the most intelligent students of her class. Doris receives a grade point average of 4.0 every year and is planning to continue her streak of high grades. She easily grasps new concepts that have been taught to her and is able to use her knowledge quickly to help her classmates that do not understand it as well as her. She is also an honor student, in which she is currently taking the classes of Honors Biology and Honors Geometry. School is her highest priority for Doris because in order to…show more content…
She devotes her precious time to seven men that sing Korean pop music in a band, called Infinite. She has purchased twenty-five of their albums, ten posters, and two of their clothing merchandise, showing that she is a huge supporter of the group. Observing this fact, it shows that Doris is dedicated to anything that she puts effort into. For example, if Doris is dedicated to getting an A on her essay, she will end up getting an A because of the effort she put into it. With devotion in her mindset, Doris is able to be successful in
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