Doris Humphrey Essay

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Topic (20-30 words; 10 point) What subject, dance, group, and/or practice is the author talking about?
Doris Humphrey is discussing her perspective of the subject of choreographers and choreography. She is expressing her thoughts about choreographers and their dreams/influences as well as independent choreographers.

Scope of the Topic (10-20 words; 10 point) What time period, cultural, geographical, or national context is the author discussing?
Doris Humphrey is discussing an idea that she developed as a dancer, choreographer, and scholar but I think it can be relevant to ideas now. Historical Background of the Author (20-30 words; 10 point) This should include the year of the writing, the geographical and disciplinary location of the author,
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Doris Humphrey feels that choreographers have to be completely engrossed with his/her chosen subject matter or else the audience will not be captivated by the dance. Even if the subject matter is not very important, the choreographers have to act as if it is. There are two types of choreographers: the choreographer who uses his/her own dreams to create a piece or the independent choreographer who is told what to create. I feel Doris Humphrey did not approve of choreographers who only created pieces for the fame.

Method/Evidence (30-50 words; 20 point) How (using what evidence or writing strategies) does the author support her/his main argument? Through what specific examples?
Doris Humphrey references “The Dying Swan” and “Scheherazade” to prove that the audience does not care of the subject matter, but rather if the dance captivates them. She also addresses that things surrounding the choreographers influence their work. She says that architecture is impressive so she finds from it. Doris Humphrey uses her own experiences to influence her ideas about dance and choreography.

Define key terms: (20-40 words; 20 point) List and define any key terms that help to bolster the main argument. Do not rely on a mere dictionary definition,
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