Doris In The Stray By Cynthia Rylant Analysis

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Who is Doris and why is she so important? Doris is the main character in the stray by Cynthia Rylant, and she is the one who found the stray dog. Doris is kind and likes to help animals because she brought the puppy in her home. Doris also has a kind heart toward animals because most people would just leave the stray dog outside to freeze and starve which is not very kind. In the stray Doris’s dad is starting to be giving because he let the Doris keep the stray puppy. Here is a riddle - Who is cold and hungry? The stray dog! The stray dog is cold because it is out in the winter with no food and no shelter and it is in need of someone like Doris to help the dog. Doris likes to help strays, that is an interesting fact because not all people like animals it Ties into the stray because Doris is helping a stray animal get home. (It is her home, you will find that out if you read the story)

Reason 1 - Doris is kind and likes helping strays One day school was canceled and Doris was snow shoveling her driveway and found a stray dog and she ran inside and told her mom and dad she asked if she could keep the dog but her father told her no! We do not have enough money to feed that dog or give it a good home so no! But the dad said that she could keep it overnight until I take it to the shelter. So Doris put the dog in the basement and went to bed then next morning she saw the dog in her dad 's truck as he was pulling out of the drive was, then Doris ran up to her room and started to
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