Doritos Advertisements Analysis

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Doritos have been around for almost 50 years. It all started when Frito-Lay founder, Elmer Doolin, persuaded Walt Disney to open a Mexican restaurant called Casa de Fritos in Frontierland of Disneyland. During that time, the food for the food venues would be delivered by truck to the venue from a company called Alex Foods. The company was established by Alex Morales, a Sonoran immigrant who took his small business of selling tamales from a wagon and turned it into a multi-million dollar empire. Casa de Fritos would receive routine deliveries of tortillas and taco shells from Alex Foods to use for their restaurant. One day in the 1960s, a route salesman was making a typical delivery to Casa de Fritos when he noticed left over tortillas in the…show more content…
Every year Doritos creates many memorable commercials that air during that year’s Super Bowl. These commercials often display many humorous and violent situations as well as attractive people, who are mostly women. Doritos advertisements also display similar characteristics and concepts that are in their commercials. In Jib Fowles article, “Advertising’s Fifteen Basic Appeals”, he explores the fifteen needs that advertisers use to appeal to their target audience. One of them is the need for attention, which is simply the desire to exhibit yourself in a way to make others look at you (283). Throughout the brand development of Doritos, they have used sex appeal, violence, and humor in their advertisements to gain wanted attention and attract mainly to men audience…show more content…
In the 2013 Super Bowl commercial Doritos released, a man is being shown distracted by watching a football game while his extremely attractive wife or girlfriend keeps trying to get his attention. The man continues to ignore her and eventually, the woman steals all the remaining Doritos bags without the man’s attention. Once the man finishes up the bag of Doritos he is currently eating, he looks around and is rather confused. All of a sudden there is a loud crunch noise, and the man gets up and goes in the direction where the noise came from. In his bedroom, he finds his attractive wife or girlfriend completely naked in bed, only covered up by Doritos chips all over her body and the bed. The commercial finally ends with the woman winking and acting seductively towards the man, who then ends up jumping into bed with her (“Covered in Doritos”). This commercial was aimed towards men because it features three things that Doritos believes all men enjoy; those things being football, Doritos, and attractive women. The attractive woman who was in bed naked and barely covered up by Doritos is a way how Doritos implements sensuality to tug at a man’s fantasy and desires, as well as keep their attention. Sex appeal is also present in other advertisements from Doritos. One advertisement that Doritos released features an attractive brunette woman standing in front of washing or drying machines with a bag
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