Dormant Poet Always Young And Alive By Brenda Ueland Analysis

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Brenda Ueland, is known for her book "If You Want to Write," in this book, there 's two chapters I want to write about. One titled, "Everyone Is Talented, Original and Has Something Important to Say." The other titled, "Know that There Is Often Hidden In Us a Dormant Poet, Always Young and Alive" In these two chapters Ueland shares her thoughts as an advocate for freedom, living in the moment and self-expression. The central tenets being that everyone has talent, has something important to say and everyone is original; This is supported by each person being unique, thus, if words come from the source, then the writing will be just fine.
Ueland asserts that writing is a natural process and a pleasant experience. Creativity is instinctual and automatic expression, which means that people are naturally creative. Furthermore, when people practice creative work they gain a calm ferocity and intensity of focus.
Ueland emphasizes creativity is always present, often all you have to do is reach out and touch it, though it 's not always graspable when we want it, we might have to wait though it 's just a matter of time. Since, everyone is talented and creative something interesting will come eventually. Importantly, paying heed to when ideas come and to writing them down is crucial to being in touch with creativity, Authenticity is paramount according to
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Ueland reports a holocaust of talent that youth everyday gets their creative energy destroyed. Writing is an emotional battle, sometimes the worst enemy is a friend, maybe a grammar-wiz giving criticism of rule breaking, telling you that you are wrong. The process: you do something creative, you show it to someone you love, hoping they 'll approve, of course, they 'll approve, you worked so hard on it. You get rejected and feel broken. Maybe you feel you don 't have what it takes. Thinking to yourself, if I can 't master the proper usage how can I write good prose? Most put in this position, won 't attempt again,

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