Dorothea Orem's Conceptual Model

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Nursing profession and practice will not going to be the same as it was yesterday, if we do not have a theorist, sure we will never be this concern to the profession that richly contribute to the standard practice development that is equally recognized with medical profession with its own unique and contribution to the recovery of the patient.
I choose Dorothea Orem as my conceptual models of nursing because according to her, people should be self-reliant and responsible for their own and others in their family (Orem, 1991) Initially, Dorothea Elizabeth Orem was born in Baltimore Maryland in the year of 1914. She started her nursing education by joining Providence Hospital School of nursing which located in Washington DC at 1930 's. Then she
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For instance, Mrs Deena (pseudonym) who 59 years old has been admitted for rehabilitation from having a massive stroke. She is slurred in speech but she gives appropriate answers once we asked her. Before this incident, she was able to take care of herself and according to her family said she lived alone. Now she has complete paralysis on her dominant side of her body that is on the right. Now, I see the patient look so hard to do her activity living such as feeding herself, hygiene activities or even write her…show more content…
Patient is advised to wear a front button shirt because it is easier to remove and replace.
- Offer a bedpan or place patient on the toilet every one to one and half hour during days and once every three hours or as needed to keep a patient comfortable and also as bladder training.

Nursing evaluation
- Patient was able to maintain her hygiene and improved comfort and self-care ability.
- The self-care needed and dependent is decreasing since the patient can perform well with minimal assistance.

In conclusion, Orem theory is beneficial to my nursing practice because it provides a theoretical framework and the concept associated with the foundation of nursing as a whole. Orem 's self-care deficit nursing theory is like she giving a nursing a masterpiece. This theory is indefinitely relevance to be practiced and provide a goal of nursing.
I personally practice my current nursing is influenced by her theory and without it; there will be no clear-cut to define that practice. In future, I learn that Orem 's theory provides autonomy from the medical field and implement the patients with tools they need with knowledge and
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