Dorothea Orem's Theory Of Nursing Theory

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Dorothea Orem’s Theories
Dorothea Orem was an extravagant nursing theorist whose theories were first published in 1971 (Dorothea Orem 's Self-Care Theory, 2014). Orem established several fascinating theories of nursing which are still are current in today’s nursing. Orem proposed three nursing theories that are identified as: self-care theory, theory of Self-care deficit and theory of nursing system (Dorothea Orem 's Self-Care Theory, 2014). Orem’s nursing theories are defined as a grand theory (Nursing Theories: An Overview, 2014). Grand theory is defined as an abstract outline under which the key conceptions and values of the discipline can be acknowledged (Nursing Theories: An Overview, 2014). Orem’s theories mainly proposed that
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Orem affirms the theory of nursing systems defines exactly how the patient 's self-care essentials will be resolved or met by the patient or nurse (Self Care Deficit Theory, 2014). Orem classifies three classifications of nursing systems to encounter the self-care conditions of the patient. They are categorized as wholly compensatory system, partly compensatory system, and supportive-educative system (Self Care Deficit Theory, 2014). Nursing systems are a “sequence and structures of measured applied engagements of nurses to protect any disease processes, detect any abnormalities and to bring that patient back to equilibrium (Self Care Deficit Theory, 2014). A good example of this theory would be the nursing process. Nurses use this tool for Assessment, Diagnosing (nursing), Planning, Implementing and Evaluation for the…show more content…
The first concept is the person which is an individual composed physicality, which is the total function of the body, psychological, such as mental process and social nature, such as a relation with the patient or nurse (Dorothea Orem 's Self-Care Theory, 2014). The second concept is Environment. Its components are enthronement factors, enthronement elements, conditions, and developed environment (Dorothea Orem 's Self-Care Theory, 2014). The third concept is Health, which describes what health and healthy are .They are expressions used to define what’s alive. This concept embraces what defines a person human. The final concept is nursing. To define it, it’s a serving service, and a technology (Dorothea Orem 's Self-Care Theory, 2014). Engagements intentionally designated and executed by the nurses to support individuals below their precaution to sustain or altered disorders (Dorothea Orem 's Self-Care Theory, 2014). This also includes the patient’s viewpoint of health state, the Doctor’s standpoint, and the nursing perspective (Dorothea Orem 's Self-Care Theory, 2014). Nursing’s goal is to concentrate on the patient and how to sustain his or her well-being, life and health (Dorothea Orem 's Self-Care Theory, 2014). Also another goal is to help regain a therapeutic health state and in the occurrence of an illness or injury to help control,
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