Dorotheas Orem's Nursing Theory: Application Of Theory

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Application of Theory Dorotheas Orem’s theory of Self-Care Deficit notions of were that people should be self-reliant and accountable for their own care. If they are unable to or lack in they need to be helped which is where the art of nursing builds its blocks from. Orem mentions how people are very distinct individuals, and how a person’s knowledge of the potential health risks and problems are necessary in order to be aware of potential risks and signs and symptoms. In order to promote self-care and promote substance in the person’s life knowledge is the key. Orem identified the provisions also known as the ADL’s as a person’s intake of food, air and water. Dealing with elimination care, their balance between activities and rest, how they balance solitude and social interactions, the prevention of hazards and the promotion of functioning. (Self-Care Deficit, 2016) The idea of this nursing theory can be applied to solve problems and issues within nursing practice due to nursing theories being the framework and the building blocks of nursing. For the specific theory of Orem’s Self-Care Deficit, the idea of the theory is to be able to assess the patient’s condition, identify the needs and be able to demonstrate communication and interaction with others. We are able to solve issues within our practice by first being able to identify the problem or issue. As a nurse, you may be able to address the issue within the hospital by helping the patient with deficit, education and

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