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Peter Thompson, an englishman from the North Country left home at the age of 18 when he “heard the call” of the Methodism, a Christian Protestant denomination and converted from the Anglican Church the Church of England. He began his ministry as a circuit rider among the miners of Wales and in 1890 traveled to America to visit an older brother that had emigrated there. He didn’t intend to stay in the United States, but in Pittsburgh he met and fell in love with Margaret Grierson. The 18 year old daughter of working-class immigrants from Scotland. While passing through Buffalo, the reverend was persuaded to take over the charge of a homesick fellow preacher in the town of Lancaster. Then his first child was born on July 9, 1893 as a citizen of the United States.
She was christened Dorothy Celene with water from the Jordan River. Her
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She was the church pianist and daughter to Hamburg 's wealthiest citizens. Her father married her for her money and to give the children a mother. Though the children did not like her very much nor did she like the children especially Dorothy. She had the attitude of an “evil stepmother.” Eliza believed that she ran the house not Dorothy’s father. Dorothy and Eliza did not get along and Eliza forced Dorothy to call her mother. One Christmas Eliza gave Dorothy a wrapped package and when Dorothy opened it she saw a bottle and a note that said “Merry Christmas to a cry-baby.”
Dorothy was pushed out of the house when they moved to Spencerport and Eliza said “she just couldn’t cope” if her stepdaughter came along. So arrangements were made for Dorothy to live with her Aunts in Chicago, to finish high school. Dorothy spent 5 years in Chicago with her Aunts. She was happy there she could finish her girlhood in an atmosphere of respect. Because of the schooling in Chicago, Dorothy was able to attend Syracuse as a junior and was able to complete a bachelor 's degree in two
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