Dorothy Height Thesis

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General Purpose: To Inform
Specific purpose: To explain the life of Dr. Dorothy Height. Central Idea: The amazing Dorothy Height endured a challenging and difficult childhood and adulthood filled full of struggles, but she never allowed any of these adversities to hinder her from accomplishing remarkable achievements throughout her lifetime.
I. Attention Material A. “When you worry about who to give credit to; you get little done” was quoted by Dorothy Height 1. The life of Dr. Dorothy Height was filled, with struggles, and hardships, but somewhat she never back down. 2. She had a golden voice, won her a scholarship from the Elks to Barnard College. B. Many people have never heard of Dr. Height, but have benefitted
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Her work has benefited African American Women, but to also African American people in general.
Orienting Material
A. I research my topic for approximately two weeks and I’m creditable to speak on Dorothy Irene Height.
B. Dorothy Height becomes a civil rights and women's rights activist because the struggle, and challenging she faced in her childhood and adulthood; which enable her has earned many achievements in life by focusing primarily on improving the circumstances and opportunities for African-American women. 1. Dorothy Height learned to express herself with word because she spent her childhood in church. 2. She spent a majored of her adulthood helping other people, instead of trying to hog the spotlight. 3. Her achievement in Civil Rights and Women Rights earned her many honors from prestigious colleges like Harvard, Yale, and Spellman.
(Listen as I inform you on the childhood of Dr. Dorothy Irene Height). BODY I. Dorothy’s childhood was a different from other kids; which explains why she spend a lot of time with older people.

A. She was the youngest child born to two twice widow parents. Her parents already had seven children, some from previous
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She meets many important people through her work such as First Lady Eldora Roosevelt.

2. She had to become president of YCWA organization, when she saw there need to be a change in leadership.

(Listen as I inform you about her many achievements of the great Dr. Dorothy Height.)
III. Dorothy Height achievements include, earning a Master Psychology and Bachelor Social Work from New York University, and many other honoree awards.

A. She became the 4th president of Negro Council Negro Women after Mary McLeod Bethune.

1. Ms. Height was giving the Spingarn Medal from the NAACP (1993) then later on that year the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Freedom from Want Award (1993).

2. Ms. Height meet and many presidents in her lifetime and help them fix the problems going to African Americans.

B. Ms. Height was the chairperson of the Executive Committee of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, the largest civil rights organization in the USA.

1. She was an honored guest at the inauguration of President Barack Obama on January 20, 2009, and was seated on the stage. 2. Before Ms. Dorothy Height death on April 20, 2010. She attended the National Black Family Reunion celebrated on the National Mall in Washington,
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