Dorothy Livesay Feminism

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Dorothy Livesay was a leading Canadian poet with keen observation and ability to feel and express the precious moments of life. She was a prolific writer and won two Governor General’s Awards for Poetry. Livesay, right from her early years, was very much worried about the greed of mankind and wanted to stop violence against Nature and believed that we can survive only if we adapt to nature. Her early poems in Green Pitcher (1928) and Signpost (1932) deal with nature, personal and emotionally intense observations of a young girl on role of a woman in society. Livesay had always sought for a special place for women in patriarchal world and this led her to deal with conflict between culture and nature. In this process she also highlighted position of male and female and the role of women in shaping the culture. Livesay, a radical activist, always challenged traditional role of women as subordinates. She didn’t accept woman’s position as a helpmate or domestic assistant. She recognized woman’s special abilities to create, to procreate and regenerate as a wife, mother and as an artist, striking a balance between culture and nature, working as a synthesizing agent. The comparison of man to culture and woman to nature presents woman as nurturer and mother while man is worker. It happened because women have been subjected to subordination to men for centuries. This concept also leads people to believe that women’s life is to reproduce, to take care and make men comfortable. Such

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