Dorothy Mckibbin: A Brief Biography

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Do you ever wonder if just one person could make that much of a difference to the life that you and I have today? Someone that I know will make a difference in history forever is Dorothy McKibbin, she was a very important and influential person during the time period of the making of the bomb. Dorothy was a very caring person who always wanted to help and wanted to do anything she could to make a situation better. Dorothy was known for being a hard worker and she always seemed to be happy and kind to others even through all of the hardships she went through in her life. From moving 800 miles from her family and everyone she knew to get treated for her disease to her husband dying and leaving her and her two year old son alone. Dorothy was approached by three different people in Santa Fe to work as the…show more content…
She was approached by so many people because of all the good things people say about her. Even though for almost all of her time living in New Mexico she was just working in a small privately owned business as a bookkeeper. One of the people that came to Dorothy about the idea really impressed her with his motivation for the job and his good spirit. When he first approached her she didn’t even know what the job was but still wanted to do it because of the people that she heard were working on the job.
Dorothy Ann Scarritt was born on December 12, 1897 in Kansas City, Missouri. She was born into a very well off family as the fourth of five kids. Growing up Dorothy was a very athletic person and very invested in her education she went to Smith College which is a liberal arts college in Massachusetts. After Dorothy got out of college she traveled to Chile, Panama, Peru, Cuba, and Argentina with her father. When she came back from South America she only lived back in her hometown, Kansas City, Missouri for a couple months. After that she
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