Dorothy Nyswander: An Open Society

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I agree with Dorothy Nyswander that an open society is made up of freeman, a place where justice is the same for everyone, and teach people to question and seek answer. I believe that the open society is where people have equal access and opportunity to education, healthcare, income, employment, and housing. Also, the society where people can speak up and voice their ideas and opinions without prohibition. In the modern society of today, many people judge others by their physical appearance at the first sight. We should practice not to judge people before we get to know them on a deep level. In addition, we categorize people into different racial groups and apply our stereotypes to the groups due to strong multiculturalism. The United States…show more content…
There was a long history of discrimination against African Americans outlawed in the United States. As a result, there are still huge health disparities exist between white and other ethnicity; the health and human rights are interconnected. People cannot stay healthy without proper human rights. They will face difficulties of having on higher education, income, and health care. The racism make people stay in sick, poor, and hopeless condition because they are not allowed to have the same opportunities as White to achieve optimal health. Not only there is a gap between racial groups, but also a growing gap between rich and poor. The society tends to open mostly to rich people because they have power and money to influence the society. They can make the society where they can easily fit in and spend their entire lives without trouble. On the hand, poor people do not have the same opportunity as the rich people. They are often left behind or ignored since they have much less power and resources to change policies or laws than rich people. Also, many rich people think that poor people are poor because they are lazy. Not that many rich people fully understand that how hard it is to live as a poor. The poor are most likely to suffer from man different kinds of preventable diseases and die at an early age due to no treatment or under-treatment. Poor people stay poor not because they lazy, but they have limited access and opportunity. Poor people want to be rich, and rich people want to get richer. Becoming rich requires good environment, knowledge, and effort, but once people became rich, they will have opportunities in higher education, income, and
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