Dorothy Sayers And The Amazons Analysis

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Greek Mythology: Dorothy Sayers and The Amazons

The title of this article is Dorothy Sayers and The Amazons by Nina Auerbach. I chose this article because I found the Amazonian women intriguing and wanted to know more about them and what their purpose was. Upon reading the title, I concluded that this paper would be about how women without men have always existed, more importantly how the Amazons lived without men and how they were legendary warriors. Dorothy Sayers, an English writer, wrote a book named Gaudy Night, Sayers filled her novel with both the mind and feminism, Sayers was inspired to write her novel from the story of The Amazons. Auerbach’s purpose is to show how Sayers novel was inspired by the Amazons, and both the similarities and differences the stories have. First, Auerbach’s main point or implied thesis is
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Before reading I had never read about the Amazonian women. Although, I have more to learn about their background, I now I have a good understanding of the topic. After reading this article, I feel that one of the most important information I have learned is how the Amazonian women came to be and their image. When Auerbach states that Amazon's means “without breast,” reminding one that these legendary warriors sliced off their right breast in order to shoot more efficiently (54). That the women no longer standing erect and shot their arrows with the speed and accuracy of men. Violence, now called “honor,” had become the exclusive privilege (54). Auerbach including this in the article helped improve my understanding on the Amazonian women. To know that they were one of the most powerful women ever in the ancient times. That they were said to be a tribe of independent, mighty women who had rebelled against the men-dominated society. It was interesting to learn how feminism has been around for many years and the similarities and differences it has compared to the ancient
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