Dorothy Segal Veterinarian

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The first woman to be a United States veterinarian is Dorothy Segal. She is one out of fifty-five women who stayed in college to be a veterinarian, even though her dean of students told her and the other female students to go back to the kitchen. Dorothy Segal changed the history of the veterinary field forever. Through her efforts to change the veterinary society in college and in the work field, Dorothy Segal showed that men are not the only ones that belong in the veterinary field. In the 1930’s, a woman by the name of Dorothy Segal was just going into college at Michigan State University to be a veterinarian. One day Segal was called to her dean of students’ office, when she had arrived she saw six other women in the dean’s office as well. She does not know what she had done to get there, but thinks it is because she is a woman in a man’s field and area of work. Segal’s dean told her and the other six women that they do not belong in college or in any area of work that a man is in. “According to Segal, the dean at that time, Dr. Ward Giltner, thought women had no place in the College, and even suggested that they drop out and return to the kitchen” (Urich par. 1). Even though her dean of students was sexist, Segal decided to stay in college and defy the rules of sexism. Dorothy Segal was just a female college student in a room full of men…show more content…
Dorothy Segal remembers that only two of the seven women were brave enough to enter into Michigan State University, MSU. She is the one who actually gave the female veterinary program a push. “Only two of the seven women bold enough to enter the Michigan State University veterinary program graduated and became veterinarians. Dr. Segal graduated in 1943, but she said she never felt like a pioneer, explaining, ‘I didn 't know it was strange for me to enroll. I guess I was naive’”(McPheron par. 3). Segal thought she was naive for going into the veterinary field. She knew she was going to be one of two women to be a
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