Dorothy Slippers In The Wizard Of Oz

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In The Wizard of Oz, the main character Dorothy goes through a journey. She is given ruby slippers that she does not know at first but will help her along the way. Throughout her quest Dorothy wears the ruby slippers and their use is to bring Dorothy back to Kansas. The ruby slippers have a deeper meaning behind them than just having the ability to take Dorothy back home. Dorothy’s ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz contributed to the American identity because they symbolize internal strength, the transition to adulthood, and the endless quest for happiness. Dorothy’s slippers are not some ordinary slippers. The slippers were given to Dorothy. In the movie The Wizard of Oz the slippers serve as a symbol of inner strength. People in…show more content…
Children have to grow up at some point in their life. Dorothy experiences this on her journey to Oz. On her journey she takes the yellow brick road which symbolizes the path she takes to adulthood (Johnson). She thinks the Wizard will help and solve her problem. Often people will search for other people for help (Stutz). Throughout, the story she is faced with situations. Dorothy is unable back down or turn away from the problems (Nathan). She has to face the situation whether she wants to or not. This is an experience of adulthood for her. She no longer is innocent, like a child. When she encounters the Wicked Witch she realizes not everything in life is nice and simple. The Wicked Witch tries everything to take the slippers away from Dorothy. Dorothy will not let the Wicked Witch take the slippers. Most people would just give the slippers to the Wicked Witch because they are faced with the fear that she possesses. Often people will let other people take over them weather it is your boss, parents, even a friend. People need to realize like Dorothy, to not allow people to walk over and control oneself. Dorothy never gives the slippers, which shows her maturity and ability to stand up for herself (Nathan). Dorothy finally reaches the last step into adulthood when she ends the Wicked Witch. Dorothy stopped the Wicked Witch from taking her power by pouring water on her
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