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Officially, she is the second woman to hold the title of governor in the state of Texas. However, Dorothy Ann Willis Richards is regarded by many as the first woman who earn the election for Texas's top office of governor. Thanks to many years of volunteering in numerous gubernatorial campaigns, because she was the first woman to become Travis County commissioner twice, and since she was also the first woman to serve as state treasurer, the 45th Governor of Texas earned her title. For these reasons and many more, Ann Richardson, as she was better known, won the race 1990 gubernatorial race against Clayton Williams, fair and square. Unlike former governor Miriam "Ma" Ferguson, who is often disregarded as the stand in for impeached governor James "Pa" Ferguson, Mrs. Richardson dedicated many years of her life to the local and state government, prior to her race for governor (Brandeis University).…show more content…
Though Mrs. Richards only spent one term in office, the significant legislative developments she and her administration accomplished during her term in office are remarkable. As a champion for children and the Texas education system, Mrs. Richards established the Texas Lottery. Since public school finance was an important matter during her term in office, Mrs. Richards established the Texas Lottery so it would fund the Texas education system with the additional income needed. Ann Richards purchased the first lottery ticket on May 29, 1992, in the Austin suburb of Oak Hill (Texas State Historical Association). Additionally, in an effort to even school funding, the Robin Hood Plan was launched for a period of two years, from 1992 to 1993. The Robin Hood Plan required wealthier school districts forward property taxes to the state so these could be reallocated to poorer school districts, like the one Mrs. Richards was educated

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