Dorothy's Obstacles In The Wizard Of Oz

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The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum is a novel of adventure and courage. In this story, the protagonist Dorothy finds herself in the magical land of Oz with no easy way back home to Kansas. On her journey home, her conflicts with the wicked witches present her with obstacles she must overcome to get home. After completing these challenges, Dorothy becomes admired by the people of Oz and the reader. Overall, Dorothy is the heroin in The Wizard of Oz because she is idealized for her courage and achievements. In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy is thrown into the land of Oz by a vicious cyclone. After arriving at Oz, she quickly encounters the munchkins and the good witch of the North. They explain to Dorothy that her house had landed on the wicked witch …show more content…

To protect herself, the wicked witch orders waves of animals to get rid of Dorothy. Dorothy managed to conquer the hoards of wolves, crows and black bees the wicked witch set upon her. These accomplishments give reason for the reader to admire Dorothy. The story contains these events to give a plethora of situations to Dorothy show that she is the heroin of The Wizard of Oz. After overcoming all of the wicked witch of the West’s obstacles, Dorothy kills the witch herself by melting her with water. In doing this, Dorothy freed the winkies from the witch’s tyrannical rule. Because Dorothy had just killed their ruler, the winkies idealized her. They were grateful for what Dorothy had done. Dorothy again acts as the heroin when the winkies praised her for her courageous acts against the wicked witch of the West. To sum up, The Wizard of Oz highlights the many achievements of a young protagonist Dorothy. First, Dorothy experiences idealization from the munchkins after she killed the wicked witch of the west. Next, she is admired by the reader for overcoming challenges on her difficult journey. Lastly, she is praised by the winkes for ridding them of the wicked witch of the West. In conclusion, Dorothy is the heroin in The Wizard of Oz due to the admiration she receives for her courage and her

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