Dos Equis Beer Ad Analysis

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Many Americans are not aware that our legal drugs may be as much, if not more of, a risk than our illegal drugs, which affect the American culture. Legal drugs are substances like tobacco, alcohol and pharmaceutical drugs, unlike illegal drugs which are substances like cocaine, heroin, meth and many others. Legal drugs are mostly advertised through the media, points of sale, and sports events. Billions of dollars are spent a year on advertising for tobacco, alcohol, and prescription drugs, and therefore such advertising have been proven to be effective. However, the advertisement of these legal substances is drastically affecting many Americans. For instance, drug related advertisement misrepresented the safety and effectiveness of a drug, they suggest things that are not true about the drug in their advertisement. Alcohol is the most commonly used…show more content…
I would say that the ad targets only white men who are past their late forties, due to the only character presented in every ad fulfilling these traits. I have rarely seen this alcohol ad; I believe I have only seen this ad twice, once on television and another time in a magazine. This ad is designed to capture one’s attention by the serious facial expression the character has in every ad, and how he surrounded by women who he is not even paying attention to, which is what really captured my attention. This ad uses dark, forceful, colors like black and red, as well as using a dark background so one could focus on the character and words. Also the bold font size, the text color, and placement of the words makes one want to purchase this product, because it displays the feeling authority and dominance over another individual. What I really like about this ad is how the character is always giving eye contact to his audience, which portrays his sincerity and convinces one to purchase the alcohol
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