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Dose god exist is a very contiverial in every eithic group or people. Each person procives god differently. There are many different names for which people call there god. If they are called gods then dose that mean that the Cristine god is all of those mythical gods or buda. There are so many ways that people describe what god is. Was he a man or likness of a man. How can people think that god is a man, if no one has ever seen him/her. If god created us in his image, then why did he create the dinosaurs. Why didn’t he start off with humans. I think that god is just a higher being that people can blame for all the bad things that happen in life or the good things. If a person works hard and dose not spend his money would the guy start to become weathy. How did god bless a person with money, when his hard work, deciation, and being tight with his money cause him to be wealthy. If god blessed him with money, would it be safe to say that money is god because he must hold saving money in high reguards. If a guy gose out parting with his friends and they are driving back drunk, runs off road and they all die. That would be devastation to the family of the ones that died. The families might would say “Why God” or “It was gods will”, but the friends in the car might have had more of a chance of not…show more content…
Rather it be the Mythical god zues. The muslium god allah, or the Asian god buda. Every culture has a version of a god and uses that belif to hope there is something after death other then worms eating at your brain. That we can all ascend into some unknow place that no one has ever seen. We live but a moment in the time of eternity, and as a human or a person we need to believe that there is more. Heaven is suppose to be the most beautiful place a person can go and hell is suppose to be the worst. Why, who has seen it. The hell might be the existance when we are born into is

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