Dossey Holistic Influences

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rofessional Influence and Presence C351
Marie Asay
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Models of Health and Healing
Medicine and nursing is a constantly evolving field. Physician Larry Dossey notes this evolution of health and healing by delineating it into three different eras. Era I deals with the physical body. The mind and or brain is treated to the physical body. Era II the mind took its own shape and it was realized that the mind could affect the physical body. Era III extends the mind to affecting those that we don't touch through non local connections ("Dr. Larry Dossey's official website," n.d.). In nursing we are taught to care for the whole patient in a holistic perspective. While all three Era’s are used in medicine and nursing, Era II and III are the most holistic of the healthcare era’s identified by Dossey.
Era II
Era II started in the early 19th century when physicians noted the psychosomatic nature of the mind. The mind was able to influence the body.
Personality Assessment and Analysis
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The interpersonal element is structured and supported by the organization, it’s mission, vision and values ("OHE Framework |," n.d.). The mission of GRMC is clear that is caring for the wholeness of body and mind. Part of the mission statement is a “committment to promoting wellness, restoring health and enhancing a quailty of life for all we serve.” The mission statement for HCH is more focused upon cancer care and eradication of cancer. However, the vision for the wellness center of the hospital is to “promote physcial and emotional well-being and a sense of balance” ("Programs and Services - Wellness-Survivorship Center - acupuncture, fitness, yoga, - Huntsman Cancer Institute - University of Utah Health Care - Salt Lake City, Utah," n.d.). Both these of these mission statements foster an environment of team work and support for holistic and patient centered
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