Double Consciences And The Veil Analysis

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How does Sexuality, Alienation and Double Consciences all relate? “Double Consciences and the Veil” by W.E.B Du Bois, is about the prejudice against African Americans in the 1900s and the struggle for freedom. He explains the inner struggles of African Americans felt to fit in a white dominance culture. African Americans struggle to identify as a black man and an American citizen. A theoretical veil hides the stuggle African Americans go threw. Double consciousness is when a person idenify with two groups but can’t idenify with either one.His theory relates today on how person sexually identify. Its also intersects with Marx’s theory of Alienation. De Bois's theory can relate to how a person sexually identifies. Paul Rust gives us an example of this from the concept of “Lesbian or bisexual chic” that explains the misconception between sex behavior and sex identity. Paul explains how same-sex behavior is conducted by heterosexual…show more content…
The example of this is African American in the 1900s who lived in a white neighborhood but they can’t identify with whites because the color of their skin. They cannot identify with blacks because he lives in a white neighborhood. They are alienated from their community and their “race”. People are alienated because of the double consciousness they do not know what to identify with. This can be said about sexuality where their double consciousness struggles to find their identity because of the norms that are in placed in their environment. These people can never be their true self De Bois believes “to be real all these ideals must melt and welded into one (Lambert, 90) De bois explains that to get ride of Double consciousness the veil needs to be taken off. If the veil is removed is when “ the freedom to work and think, the freedom to love and aspire” can happen. De Bois believe we reach our true selfs once we remove the
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